You need this wooden stain in your life! (2023)

Interior: a Saman -Diyers coloration test; Saman's wood coloring compared to Minwax; in addition, the tips of the correct spots applicator, Saman's base spots, the oil base and the gel problem.

You need this wooden stain in your life! (1)

I love finding new products to try and try them, and when we decided to decorate our living room and add some floating shelves, I thought it was a great opportunity to trySaman Wood FleckAnd see how it compares with other wooden spots that I used.

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My first reaction to Saman's wood stain

You need this wooden stain in your life! (2)

That sounds strange, but I love the packaging ofSaman Wood FleckI really like when the bottle of spots is easy to hold in one hand and can be found on a shelf without taking a lot of space.

I also appreciate that it is a plastic container, which means that I can recycle it when it is empty. (I am a great admirer of the fyi recycling).

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Advantages of Saman Wood Spots

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Saman's biggest water stain benefit

The great benefit of this place is that this is a water base. What does that mean?

It means that you have a lotLower drying timeWhat other spots and oil offersEasy cleaningBecause you can simply wear soap and soap.

Water -based spots generally have to haveVery little smellAnd I could use it in closed environments with the door of my study without any problem. The last shelves had very few gases and could hang them to La Mancha in one day.

I was pleasantly satisfied with the consistency of this place. Somehow I waited for it to be excessively aquatic, but it had a large color saturation and was fluent enough to extend evenly on the wood.

In terms of color and sound ,,We chose the colonial eraThat is perfection.

I look at the tip of my Cordenza office with this stain because I love a lot!

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Saman vs.water base stain

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Water -based spots properties

I used many wood stains as a DIY in my time. I am always skeptical about water -based products because I worry that they do not wear well (now reused in our main room) more stronger than ever.

This is what the water base really means (there is no influence in how long or durability!)

  • The water base stain has a dry climate of approximately 30 to 90 minutes
  • Water stain generally needs an upper layer to seal
  • Water -based spots can let the wooden masks upload (you can see it in the photo that I like this look)

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Base spot properties based on oil

With respect to traditional oil -based points, such as Minwax -FleckKratz, I always used it, I love the convenience of spots scarves, but in the end you are not so ecologically and you can leave a really exposed finishLet it be difficult to control.

Oil spots still have a place in the DIY cabinet, but it is good to understand the differences.

  • Oil stain has much more dry time (usually 48-72 hours)
  • Oil base stain does not always need a upper layer
  • The oil base stain tends to have a stronger smell
  • Oil stain requires mineral or terelas spirits to clean

How easy is Saman's wooden stain to use and use?

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Two words, very simple.For supportAnd while I still love her, I thinkThis Saman stainThey give a real career for their money.

I buyDAS SAMAN application kitTogether with the small inner wood coloration bottle, just to see what would be easy for a user for the first time, I do not necessarily have all the hands supply that I do in my study.Check the prices here

I think that the quality of the gloves that accompany this kit is surprising and the gloves that accompany the much higher minwax scarves.

Once you have the scarves, you can use them in these othersDIY projects with towels to detect Minwax.

The sponge applicator was enough to make my three shelves of 36 inches and would probably have had another partner.

The fabric towels that arrived in the kit were barely more than paper towels, but were useful to clean the bottle drops.

In short, you can save a few dollars and use it wellLatex glovesAnd cut a kitchen sponge to create your own kit, but due to the convenience, this kit was fine.

As well as by applying Saman's wood stain

You need this wooden stain in your life! (7)

I tried two ways to applySaman Wood Fleck.The first time I followed the instructions in the bottle.Wooden grain.

The second time I stained the stain directly in the wood and then cleaned it with the sponge. The first shape was better hahaha;If it is based on this product in the water, use this method.

Starting with the sponge in the sponge, I gave me much more control over saturation and difference in tones.

You can also use it for smaller projects like this DIY UPCry with wooden pants with paper flowers.

In general, I think this is a fabulous product and I will buy it again.

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General description of the best colors of Samans Fleck

I am very impressed by the color card for these areas.

Here is a look at the color of Saman's wooden stain (Note: The color we use in this general description of the product is colonial in the second photo)

Saman's water spots are ideal for all types of doors, interior wood, frame and cabinets.

If you want to paint the doors of your home in a dark walnut or in mauve cabinets, the brand has all available. The colors of Saman's points are ideal for fine wood that does not require conditioning.

The stain does not increase the wooden grain after use.

Each unit ofSaman's water base stainWith thin wood we weigh 14.4 Jaguars and ensures 12 ounces of approximately 75 square meters. A total of 41 different colors available.

Some popular colors are:

• Amaretto: Saman's yellow spot is steamed copper in medium tones, ideal for tables and dining beds.
• American walnut: It is ideal for furniture, banks, floors and vital edge tables.
• Ancient nut: Add vintage furniture to give depth and complexity.
• Azure: It is a light blue color that symbolizes a transparent sky.
• Black: The interior of Saman Negro Bain Bain offers a brave and elegant appearance.
• Brandy: Brandy is the perfect dark tone that is perfect for the intensive theme.
• Canadian maple: red color similar to the color of a Canadian sheet in plaque.
• Cappuccino: Add the furniture with this lighter brown tone depth.
• Castle Stone: Update the kitchen base cabinets with deep olives -Lelkt.
• Camora: It is a yellow/brown layer and has a light sensation.
• Cherry: Flower and spring color.
• Chocolate: ideal for dining room and sauce tables.
• Tone: Add the wood to which it applies to Matt's feeling.
• Cognac: Royal Purple, ideal for cabinets.
• Colonial: Earth tones, suitable for each wood.
• Dark oak: old brown wood texture.
• Dark nut: add the finish to the furniture.
• Auberginas: true purple, ideal for all forests.
• Emerald: Green variant, use -to drawers.
• Forest: dark green, add geometry.
• Golden wheat: ideal for large rooms.
• Hops: wood made for everything.
• Ironland: deep yellow/ orange
• Lima: Yellow Green Shadow
• Caoba: Red color
• Mauve: purple purple
• Marine: Deep blue
• Olive: Green-Vine, ideal for objectives.
• Paprika: Red orange, ideal for all forests.
• AMPA: drilling a dry
• Raspberry: Bright color, ideal for bedroom cabinets.

What others say: Saman water -based spots reviews

Saman's water base is popular among customers because it is ideal for all types of inner wood.

The place offers 12 jaguars for 75 inches. Saman's water base is safe for the planet, safe for the skin and are odorless. It is popular among customers because it does not need wooden grains, overlapping marks and only a coat.

It is also safe for pets. The product has an impressive criticism and 4.5 stars classified by more than a thousand clients. It has a look at some of them.

Some say they had incredible quality in the first use and that the product did not leave a series and was incredibly easy to wash.

The color that falls on the floor did not leave a stain even after an hour and could easily clean it with water.

Many reviews indicate that they are really impressed by the product and says it is toilet. Therefore, it was convenient to apply it to closed environments.

Another buyer says that it was the first time with beauty errors and that it was easy to use. She says that the product is incredible and sufficient to achieve the necessary effect.

For another customer, the product was easy to apply and easy to dry. He says that the color does not appear irregularly with adequate care. He intended and mixed different colors to achieve the expected results.

Examine line platforms when wonderingWhere can I buy Saman spots?And you can obtain variations of different colors.

Recommendations for literature

  • How to color wood to achieve a rustic appearance
  • Tips for removing the furniture sheet

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Short and free questions about Saman's wooden place

How does Saman Fleck use?

Saman's wooden stain is very easy to apply. It has to apply a very small amount of wood stain to a sponge or a foam brush. Excessive should be cleaned with a cloth without fluff.

Where can I buy Saman Wood Fleck?

You can buy Saman Wood FleckAmazonas.

What is the best way to color a pine table?

The best way to dye a pine table is to brush a small amount of wood stain on the table. Continuous to maintain a humid edge. It is like painting! After letting the color of the wood rest for 5 minutes. Take a fabric and fabricAn old spider lamp that colored in the wood and remove the remaining place.

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