Support for the admission of gravity values (2023)


The following table describes each gravity level available for event cards and surroundings for which the ticket can be opened under this severity:

Gravity Description Available for

(Very high)

Loss of total service or a significant characteristic that is not completely available and there is no problem in the deviation. It does not contain problems of development or problems in staging environments.

Production environments


Sometimes, loss of service with serious commercial effects and there is no problem in deviation.

All environments


Lower loss of service.

All environments


Without loss of service. The result does not prevent the software from working.

All environments

First response and subsequent responses

The first response means that the support for the support of the external system has analyzed the problem he reported, he performed the first analysis of his problem and that contained his problem with a reference to a renewal measure, an investigation to obtain additional information to his problemor to improve understand another relevant technical update.

The early response times below apply only to customers with a valid firm that is in force after January 1, 2020Previous terms for the early response times.

Outsystems support offers the first response to your support ticket according to the following table:

Gravity Level 1 Level 2 level 3
All customers TSM customers(*)

(Very high)

4 business hours

2 hours of business

2 hours

1 hour


8 hours of work

4 business hours

4 hours

2 hours


2 business days


5 business days

(*)Clients with successful technical administratorsPremier Plus success plan.

After the first response, the support of the external system in each ticket works according to the current severity of the solution. Depending on the customer support level, the output system will present the following:

Gravity Level 1 Level 2 level 3
With or without TSM(*)

(Very high)

Continuous work during customer business hours
State updates twice a work day(1)

Continuous work 24x7
State updates according to the first answer(1)


Daily state updates until the end of the business(2)

State updates every 8 hours(1)


State update every 2 weeks(2)


State update every 4 weeks(2)

(*)Customers with or without TSM.
(1)Or as agreed between the output system and the client in a ticket base.
(2)The appear as a relevant progress.

Support access times

Support access times depend on customer service and location registered with the client:

  • Discha:Customers only have the right to support only business days and business hours.
  • 24 scan:Customers are entitled to a day all the time.

The following support times apply only to customers with a valid firm that is in force after January 1, 2020Previous terms for support access times.

According to the following table, customers have access to 8x5 or 24x7 support:

Level 1 Level 2 level 3
With or without TSM(*)

Support access period



24 scan

(*)Customers with or without TSM.

  • Business days in the systemIt is from Monday to Friday, except on January 1 and December 25, for our clients worldwide. The clients of the Middle East have business days from Sunday to Thursday (if the country works at Sunny Week).
  • System business scheduleDepending on the client's place:
    • From 17h to 17h PST (Pacific Standard Time) for customers based in North, Central and South America;
    • 8h to 18h BRT (Brasilia Tiempo) for Brazil -based clients;
    • Of 7 5 p.m., Sergeant (Singapore Period) for clients based in Asian Pacific countries;
    • 9am to 5pm JST (predetermined time from Japan) for Japan -based customers;
    • 8:00 to 17:00 GST (Gulf Standard) for clients based on Middle East countries with Sol Week;
    • 8:00 to 19:00 Humid (Western Europe time) for customers based in Europe, Africa and all other countries that are not considered in other places.

Solve support tickets

Outsystem support follows an ITIL similar approach to solve support tickets, which initially focus on the customer's value. This means that we will focus on the restoration of the company service/value without forgetting that the continuous improvement of the service thatWe offer must contribute.

After opening a support ticket, a support engineer will work with you to identify and remedy your problem. The solution provided by Outsystem can include one or more of the following:

  • A solution for surface software;
  • A deviation mutually awake;
  • Another medium as a new software configuration.

We analyze the support tickets that are resolved when one of the following elements occurs:

  • Your problem is corrected;
  • Your problem will identify and have spent five business days since we provide a solution.
  • The problem source is found in the software components or hardware of third -party suppliers.
  • It no longer responds to a request or application.
  • Choose remedy the problem.
  • It is not possible to obtain the necessary elements to solve problems with reasonable efforts.

In case of problems with this circle, you can open a new support ticket that refers to the previous one.

As a general rule, Outsystems only offers support and updates of its offices. Remote support for Internet -based conference tools is available and used only if necessary to consider it necessary by the support engineer and the client requests this use.

The support support works after its weight as follows to support tickets:

  • During the periods in which the client has the right to support the client, cases of urgent and high gravity gravity are processed (8x5 or 24x7) .In these periods, telephone / synchronous communication is expected in these periods.
  • Cases of normal and low gravity are processed from Monday to Friday (except January 1 and December 25). In such cases, electronic/asynchronous communication can be expected.

When solving a support ticket, the priority of external systems support is to eliminate the effects that have a problem with customer activities. This reason to support customer service works to correct a problem, legal problems or remedies, such as prioritizingThe new Software configuration. 24x7.

Help us help you

To accelerate problems to solve your problems, you must include the following information in your communication:

  • Final name of the client: the owner of the exit platform with the problem;
  • Activation code: clear infrastructure identification.Discover how to find the activation code for infrastructure;
  • The version of the output platform;
  • The problem you experience and steps to reproduce the problem.Discover how you can solve frequent problems;
  • What do you think isHeavy of your problem, because.

If you use the support portal to open your support cases, most of the information mentioned above will be completed automatically.Even if you send urgent tickets, you opened them first through the support portal and then call accelerated support support.

Be sure to explain the problem you have so that our support engineers can help you solve your problem quickly.

Support level availability

Each shit exit is equipped with an inclusive support level:

basic Standard Chase

Contain support level

Level 1

Level 2

level 3(*)

Support Support -Leven -Supervision Opections


level 3(*)


(*)Customers withTSMThe service is improvedreaction time.
Observation:This table applies only to customers with a valid firm that is in force after January 1, 2020Previous terms to support time times.

Remove support tickets

Outsystems has a practice implemented for alignment management that guarantees that we can fix tickets that maximize the value for our customersclimbIf you feel it:

  • Your ticket has become more serious or should be more serious.
  • We do not resolve your service application safely.

Before climbing, be sure to have opened a support ticket. Admission information should allow us to understand:

  • The seriousness of the problem for your company.
  • Why the answers have to work more urgently on this topic.

If a ticket increases, the support team will receive training to trigger the internal escalation in the management of support systems in our practice.

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