📍Spanish instructions for your next trip [+PDF Cheatsheet] (2023)

📍Spanish instructions for your next trip [+PDF Cheatsheet] (1)

This release contains:
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How to ask for directions in Spanish and understand directions so you don't get lost while traveling!

Planning to visit a Spanish speaking country and don't speak Spanish? So it's probably better to studysome basic Spanish. You will be surprised how many people do not understand or speak English.

You may think that you only need your phone to translate, communicate and navigate in a foreign country. And under normal circumstances, you can count on your phone to be the ideal travel companion for any occasion.

But what happens if you run out of battery, don't have service, can't find the place you're looking for, or get lost? There are many scenarios where you may need to make a requestDirections in Spanishduring your trip.

Where or when do you need directions in Spanish?

Maybe you are exactly where you should be but you can't find the entrance. Or maybe you have a paper map with you but got lost and now you don't know where you are on the map.

In these scenarios, you better ask where the nearest bus stop is or where to find a taxi to go home. So you need to know howAsking, receiving and giving directions in Spanish.

Why do you need to learn how to ask, receive and give directions in Spanish?

It is very important to ask for clear directions in Spanish if you want someone to help you find something. It only makes sense if you know how to do both: how to ask for directions in Spanish and how to understand directions in Spanish.

Imagine you are traveling to a Spanish speaking country and need to find the nearest pharmacy. You can ask in Spanish where the nearest pharmacy is, but if you don't know how to give directions in Spanish, you probably won't understand the directions given to you.

But don't worry, you've found the right blog! We have collected the most useful phrases and vocabulary related to driving directions. It's time to learn somethingDirections in Spanishand get ready for your journey without getting lost!

Table of contents

    1. ask the way
      1. How to ask people for help
      2. useful expressions
      3. Vocabulary of common places and places
    2. understand the instructions
      1. points of the compass
      2. Indications, prepositions and adverbs
      3. Common Spanish verbs used to give directions
    3. that follow?
    4. practical exercise

1. Ask for directions in Spanish

Now it's time to look at some useful phrases and vocabulary for asking for directions in Spanish. If you plan to travel with your phone or a paper map, these translations might come in handy!

Learnhow to properly approach peopleand how to ask for directions.

Also, be mindful of vocabulary related to well-known places and places you might want to find that people might use to give you directions in Spanish.

How to ask people for help

If you want someone to help you, show you and explain where to go or where to find something, you should do thataddress people properly.

So if you want to ask locals for directions in Spanish, use a simple "Exculpe" or "Hola" before asking any questions. Here are some greetingsSentences to help you start conversations.Read our post "Greetings in Spanish and Other Common Expressions Used in Daily Life" for more information..

Sorry, sorryForgiveness?


Good morningGood morning

Good dayGood day

Good nightGood night(approx. after 9:00 p.m.)

I have a questionI have a question

I have another questionI have another question

Instructions are not always easy to follow, especially when the person giving the instructions speaks a language you don't speak or is moving too fast for your language skills. Spanish speakers often speak very quickly, so if you have trouble understanding them,Ask them to repeat or speak more slowly.Or even both!


¿can you repeat that pleasecan you repeat that please

¿Can you repeat it more slowly, please?Can you repeat that more slowly, please?

¿Could you please talk a little bit slower?Could you please talk a little bit slower?

¿Excuse me/sorry, I didn't quite get that. can you repeat that pleaseSorry I don't understand. can you say that again

Slowly please!Slowly please!


Thanks very muchThanks very much

Thank you for your helpThanks for the help (formal)

Thank you for your helpThank you for your help(informal)

Helpful hint:

If you're asking for directions and you're not sure you'll understand everything or you're likely to forget, make sure you doRecord directions on your phone.

You can do this via voice messages or a recording app, which is usually pre-installed on every smartphone. This way you canListen to the instructions several times, he canslow her downit is includedsearch for wordsif you do not understand some vocabulary.

Of course, this only makes sense if your mobile phone still has a battery!

useful expressions

Where is she…?Where are…?

Where is a...? - Where is that, that, that...?

I'm looking for I'm looking for...

Where can I find?Where can I find…?

Can you tell me where it is...?Can you tell me where it is...?

How do I get to…?- How do I get to...?

What's the best way to get to...?What's the best way to get to...?

Can you tell me how to get to...?Can you give me directions to...?

Is there nearby?Is there... around here/near by?

It's near?- It's near?

Are you near...?- Are you near...?

How far is it…?- How far is...?

Am I right here?- Is this the right way?

Useful phrases for public transport

¿Is there a bus that goes there?Is there a bus passing by?

¿Where is the bus stop?Where is the next bus stop?

Here are some phrases you can use when you're looking for a specific place you can't find on a map, or when you want to know where you are right now:

Can you show me where we are on this map?Can you show me where we are on this map?

¿Can you show me where it is... on this map?Can you show me where... is this map?

I'm looking for directions to... Can you show me on the map?I'm looking for directions to... Can you show me on the map?

Vocabulary of common places and places


Spanish English

the hospital


The pharmacy


Police Station / Police Station

Police station

Public transportation

Spanish English

Bus stop

Bus stop

the taxi station


the station

Railroad station

General locations and locations

Spanish English

the traffic lights

traffic light / traffic light

zebra crossing

zebra crossing

to the avenue


the street

call up

to the entrance


to the entrance


Sidewalk; the cane (mexico)


the way

Away away

a rotunda

spinning top

The bridge


the postal address)


the neighborhood


das Apartment


o Hotel


the church


the park


the square


the market


o shopping

shopping mall

department stores

department stores

the business


the school; the school


the University


a cinema


the museum




the library


the Bank


a cafeteria


the bakery


die Hortifruti




the restaurant


2. Understand the instructions

Now that you've learned how to ask for information, it's important to delve into the topicUnderstanding The address. Here you will most likely find the Spanish directional words you were originally looking for.

You will learn to describe the position of things or people, receive and give instructions in Spanish. Why?

To understand Spanish instructions, you need to learn and practice how to give them. Only if you know how to use the vocabulary and phrases in the guide can you understand the Spanish guide. After all, you understand something better when you have practiced it several times and become familiar with the vocabulary.

How do you receive and give information?

You might want to start by learning the four cardinal points in Spanish: the directions found on a compass. After all, the cardinal points are the building blocks for roughly understanding where you are, where you want to go and where you need to go.

Learning some basic Spanish instructions (prepositions, adverbs and verbs) is also essential. Otherwise you cannot understand where to go.

Imagine someone gives you directions but you only understand north, east, left, right and a straight line. I don't know when or where to follow these instructions. What if you don't know the Spanish translation of verbs like turn, tail and walk? You couldn't follow the instructions.

points of the compass

Spanish English




That's it





Northeast Southwest

Northeast Southwest

Directions, prepositions and adverbs

Spanish English

To the right

parts list



right of)

right of)

on the left of)

on the left of)









outside of)



not inside



on the other side

on the other hand

not end); not financed)

not end

at the beginning of); at the beginning of)

at the beginning of

in the corner

in the corner





come in and...

in the middle and...

next to)

next to






like this


close close



To the right

To the right

everything straight






in the direction




go on, go on


first first


second / second


third / third


Common Spanish verbs used to give directions

Spanish English

turn; to bend; twist


turn around


soon turn left

soon turn left

fuses; fuses


cross; cross


andar; andar


to lead; to lead

to lead


keep going; keep going



rising up

rising up



go out

go out





take (Spain only)




address to (formal); move to (informal)

head closed

3. What's next?

We know these new phrases and vocabulary are a lot to remember!

If you don't want to get lost on your next trip, you canDownload our PDF travel Spanish cheat sheet.So you always have important vocabulary and phrases!

In the PDF you will also find a section aboutAsk and get directions in Spanish.

spanish for travel

If you are interested in other aspectsTravel to a Spanish speaking countryand learn more useful expressions, read our blog post.


Tell the time in Spanish

Everything you need to know about himtime in spanishwe cover in our detailed list. Find audios and exercises to help you practice what you've learned.


4. Practice

it is always importantPractice what you've learned!

And don't be afraid to make mistakes or speak Spanish! The best way to learn phrases or vocabulary is to use them over and over until they become more natural. So you'll be prepared for your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country, even if you get lost!

It can be helpful to learn how to give directions in Spanish while listening to our podcast. In this podcast episode we talk about ithow to find shops on the street in spanish and how to ask for a place in town and give them directions.

📍Spanish instructions for your next trip [+PDF Cheatsheet] (5)

Listen to our podcast:
Directions in Spanish

All episodes and transcripts of the podcast can be found here

Now it's your turn to practice!

Try practicing the vocabulary and phrases you learned today in the examples below! That way you'll get to know them faster, feel more confident using them, and be more likely to understand them when you need to ask for and receive instructions in Spanish.

📍Spanish instructions for your next trip [+PDF Cheatsheet] (6)

📍Spanish instructions for your next trip [+PDF Cheatsheet] (7)

📍Spanish instructions for your next trip [+PDF Cheatsheet] (8)

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