Pros and cons of stained concrete floors (2023)


    • 0.1 What are the advantages of coloring concrete?
      • 0.1.1 Stain makes a beautiful floor
      • 0.1.2 It is versatile
      • 0.1.3 Costs are reasonable
      • 0.1.4 It is durable
      • 0.1.5 Easy to maintain
    • 0.2 What are the disadvantages of coloring concrete?
      • 0.2.1 Cost can increase with complex decoration
    • 0.3 Repair may require skill
    • 0.4 Installation may be too much for beginners
      • 0.4.1 Concrete is a hard surface
      • 0.4.2 Sealed surface is slippery when wet
      • 0.4.3 Maintenance
      • 0.4.4 Does not add anything new to the floor itself
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Stained concrete floors are probably something you've heard about since you've been here. You may have seen them in hotels, customs, restaurants, pubs, casinos and malls, but you might not be sure what they are. This amazing floor has been seeping into the hearts and minds of America and the rest of the world for some time now.

Why is this distinctive flooring option growing in popularity? In addition to being beautiful, stained concrete floors are plentiful as they are easy to maintain, they cost less than tiles and most good carpeting, definitely less than hardwood, and when was the last time you saw someone destroy one? concrete floor? Durable to say the least.

Today, concrete glaze is not only very popular on public floors, but also among private customers. That means contractors really need to add it to their repertoire if they want to compete.

Everyone is looking for this option, so learning how to color using different methods and offering personalized options to customers is very important. If you are curious to know how to DIY, you can check myConcrete coloring instructions can be found here.

Now let's get to the pros and cons of stained concrete floors, starting with the pros and cons.

Pros and cons of stained concrete floors (1)

What are the benefits of staining concrete?

Contractors and consumers alike may be wondering what has made concrete staining so popular in recent years. Many things influenced its popularity. However, at least for most customers, there are five different reasons that matter.

The stain makes a beautiful floor

First and foremost, people want to have a beautiful home and Concrete Stain makes beautifying completely possible with the myriad color and style options customers can choose from. Because of the available stains, it is possible to have almost any color that someone wants or needs for their home.

This allows combining all the customer's decorative needs, allowing them to be combined with the rest of their home, both indoors and outdoors.

it is versatile

Second, not only is it very versatile in the aforementioned color and style options, but also in how it can be used. Concrete stain looks great outside the home around the pool area and looks just as good inside the home for interior flooring. You can use it almost anywhere. Some customers are converting their garages and basements into additional family living areas. Stained concrete is a perfect complement.

Products designed to be easy to use, respectful of the environment and have the ability to create a "new canvas" when concrete is not in good shape. For example, when you rip out the rug, the strips that held it in place remain, and when removed, they leave a series of "holes" all over the room. Our polymer cladding floors solve that problem for you, and if you can sweep a floor with a broom, you can install those floors too.

Costs are reasonable

third thecostIt's very reasonable, especially when compared to all the other flooring options out there. People want to save money whenever they can, and concrete stain allows them to save money without sacrificing the aesthetics they want.

If your concrete isn't in the best condition or you just want a textured floor, we can show you how YOU can install polymer concrete flooring like the ones you find in restaurants, malls, and even Las Vegas for less than $2 apiece. have seen square meters. . Where else can you get a fancy 2-square-foot floor that's twice as hard as the concrete it's laid on?

In addition, we have formulated a new range of acidic dyes for concrete and pigmented low-acid dyes that make it easier for both DIYers and professionals to paint their floors with more ecological products that do not require the usual neutralization. .

That means you'll save about 1/3 of the work if you don't have to scrub the floor with a buff and white cloth (after applying the stain). It is enough to rinse the floor with water and lightly scrub with a broom or brush. Soak up the water and it's ready to seal (once it's completely dry, of course). Contrast that with neutralizing the floor with ammonia or baking soda, scrubbing with a mop and white sponge, then vacuuming and I think you can see we've got a much better approach here at CDR.

it is durable

Fourth, it is durable. It is easy and quick to apply when applied by professionals and can keep your floor looking good for a long time. It lasts a lot longer and looks nice a lot longer than if the customer had carpet or even hardwood floors in many cases. Concrete stain looks good for years and this gives the customer more value for money.

easy maintenance

Fifth, it is easy to maintain, which is a huge relief. A little regular sweeping to keep the floor free of dust and grime is all you really need, along with the occasional mop. Cleans quickly and easily and stays clean longer without the need for professional cleaning or maintenance.

A simple mop, an occasional wet mop, and a twice-yearly wax that takes 15 minutes is all you need to maintain those amazing concrete floors.

What are the disadvantages of staining concrete?

There are always some downsides, and after the upsides, you might be wondering what they are. To be honest, I listed some disadvantages of concrete floors and stains. These two go hand in hand as the stained floor turns out to be a concrete floor.

Cost can be high with complex decor

Now, as one of the pros, I've found that dyeing is affordable. It really is, but the more sophisticated the flooring, the more you have to pay. It's not the acid that costs you, it's the work of professionals.

If you think you have some DIY blood running through your veins, you might want to look into different coloring techniques and what you can do yourself. Remember that the best looking floors are built on a few mistakes made by the pros.

Repair may require skill

Now the concrete is sure to crack at some point. It may be a long or short time after the shedding. This isn't a problem unless it's a structural defect, but it does take some skill to fix if it's a decorated floor.

Here I must add that no soil is eternal. If it lasts more than 10 years without heavy maintenance, it's pretty good. Well, as said, the repair can be difficult for someone, but most can handle it with a little guidance and using the right products.

Also remember, the sooner you do this, the less you have to do.

Installation can be too much for beginners

Do-it-yourself assembly is more than possible and good results can be achieved, but if you want the best end result, you may need professionals. Also, during installation, much of the wall surface must be protected from stains which can also damage the wall surface if the wrong type of tape is used.

If it's an old stained floor with cracks or repairs, some of the flaws will show under the stain. Some of them may be fake, but a close look will spot them. This puts you at a disadvantage over other flooring solutions if you don't use a concrete underlay.

Concrete is a hard surface.

Well, one thing concrete is known for is its hardness. It can last thousands of years without reinforcement, but also something you'll get hurt on if you fall. With children, they can get hurt on the concrete floor, on the other hand, the concrete floor resists traffic and children's games.

Sealed surface becomes slippery when wet

Concrete can be slippery when wet, this can be undone with a sealer, but it's good to know when to start planning. Perhaps rooms that have traffic outside should have something to help with that.

A non-skid concrete sealer can work, and since concrete stays dry, there's no reason to keep indoor floors wet.


This is another issue where there are pros and cons. Concrete floors are easy to clean and don't require a lot of tools to clean. It just needs to be resealed every 3-5 years.

It also depends on traffic and usage, and in environments with a lot of UV light, you can apply a UV resistant sealer to extend the life and protect the colors.

It adds nothing new to the soil itself.

This can be a bit boring, but it doesn't bring anything new to the ground. It's still the same old concrete maybe wood is more comfortable to stand on etc.

When you need to make heating decisions, the heated floor can make walking and standing comfortable. It also emits heat slowly, so it stays hot for a while.


Here are some pros and cons of stained concrete floors, there may be some I haven't noticed or thought about.

All of this means for contractors that they really need to learn more about the different decorative concrete options on the market if they want to please their customers. These are the things your customers want, need and expect from a quality concrete company today. Offering these options is really the only way to stay competitive today.

For DIY enthusiasts, staining concrete is a great way to decorate your home that isn't too expensive. All you need to buy is the stain, equipment, and sealer if you don't have anything to fix.

Always do a test run before committing to tilling the entire floor. If you don't like the color or something is wrong, you can still fix it this way.

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