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To better use customers or users, services are divided into levels or levels. As a result, a common support structure revolves around a three -layer system. Level 2 and 3.

Level 1 technical support services (level 1)

The technical support of level 1 is the first technical support. This team is responsible for the basic problems of the client. It is a synonym for the first support or the support of level 1 and describes the functions of technical or non -basic techniques.

Die ACROach:

The Ti 1 or Ti support support services of level 1 are the support level, which is responsible for the basic problems of the client. The first task of a level 1 support engineer is to collect customer information andDetermine the problem of the client who faces. The technical support of experts at level 1 analyzes the symptoms and determines the underlying problem. To analyze the symptoms, it is important that the technical support representative determines a problem. The technology expertLevel 1 begins to solve the problem after identifying the underlying problem.

Problems backed by level 1 or level 1

  • ✓ Detection
  • ✓ Support Table of the Filter Help Table
  • ✓ User life cycle management
  • ✓ Unlock account
  • ✓ Rede-finition of Passwold-VPN, O365, AD, G-Suite
  • ✓ Granting Rights
  • ✓ Microsoft Active Directory, MS Office 365 Benutzerverwaltung
  • ✓ Manage sales lists, launched mailboxes, calendar association
  • ✓ Spam filter applications, such as permissions and blocking
  • ✓ Terminal Management
  • ✓ Remote solution of peripheral problems
  • ✓ Solution of fern of computer problems such as slow computers, cache compensation, etc.
  • ✓ Not open errors of common perspectives, not open Excel
  • ✓ Update the operating system and controllers
  • ✓ Basic O365 questions
  • ✓ Install, uninstall applications
  • ✓ Support for application navigation
  • ✓ Use of application questions or instructions at a high level
  • ✓ Google Suite Management
  • ✓ Collect all information screenshots and scale for level 2 or 3 support
  • ✓ Creation of tickets and allocation for relevant equipment
  • ✓ Monitoring and reaction to server notifications
  • ✓ Call service technicians for P1 questions
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Support to level 1 or L1 functions

Representatives of the technical support level 1 have a good understanding of the product or service, but they may not be competent enough to solve complex tickets. The purpose of this group is to fulfill 70% to 80% of the problems to meet theRequirements ofContrato SLABefore finding that it is necessary to climb.

Level Support 1 1 24/7 | Level 1 - 31west Technical Services (1)

Level 2 technical support services (Level 2)

This is a deeper technical support as level 1, since technical support representatives are more experienced and experts in a certain product or specific service. EXTENSION RESOLUTION OF PROBLEMS AND TECHNICAL ANALYSIS.

The experts of the technical support services in this area of knowledge are responsible for the support of the representatives of level 1 when solving fundamental technical problems. They are also responsible for the investigation of high tickets, the validity of the problem and the search for known solutions.

Before the problem solving process, it is important that the technicians verify the task or support the ticket to see what the L1 team has done.

Through the information mentioned above, the technical support team can prioritize the problem solving process and adequately manage time. If a problem is new and/or the technical support representative of this group cannot determine a solution, it isresponsible for increasing this responsibility in this support group.

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This may include software repairs, diagnostic tests and the use of remote control tools with which the user's machine is accepted to solve problems and find a solution to the problem.

The level support equipment helps to find out if the customer has problems due to environmental factors or if the problem is in the product.

What do we offer with the support of level 2?

  • ✓ Low technical service level low level
  • ✓ Qualified and experienced technicians to evaluate problems
  • ✓ Support engineers with deep technical knowledge and industry experience
  • ✓ The client experience increases and present rapid and permanent solutions.

Level 3 technical support services (Level 3)

This is the highest level of support in a technical support model with three countries responsible for dealing with the most difficult or advanced problems. It is a synonym for L3 support and media methods that specialize in problem solving and the solution.

Of the three levels of technical support, the specialists in L3 are experts in their areas and are responsible for the support of employees L1 and L2. They are responsible for the research and development of solutions for new or unknown issues.

Keep in mind that L3 engineers offer the same services as L2 Technicians to review service preparation and evaluate the time already issued for the subject. This helps you prioritize tickets and manage time efficiently.

This support group determines whether a problem can be solved and is also responsible for the following:

  1. Project and develop one or more action courses.
  2. Evaluation of each of these courses in a test environment.
  3. Implementation of the best solution for the problem.

As soon as the support solution has been verified, the professional L3 solves the problem. The solution is also added to the internal knowledge portal for future solution and support.

frequent questions

What is technical support?

Technical support (generally reduced to technical support) refers to the services that companies offer users of technological products or services. In general, technical support offers representatives with specific technological problems with a product or service.

What are the different technical support?

There are mainly three levels of technical support:

  • ✓ Technical support level 1
  • ✓ Technical support level 2
  • ✓ Technical support level 3

What is the difference between T1, T2 and T3?

Level 1:The technical support team solves simple tickets. It is found in the main responsibility of the first client contact, registering a support case and the solution of simple problems. The animal team 1 is responsible for thisSLAaccordance

Level 2:The technical support equipment has knowledge and skills to solve complicated tickets (compared to level 1) and generally uses remote control tools.

Level 3:The technical support equipment has maximum experience and generally includes developers and product engineers. This equipment is carried out when the resolution requires design changes for the product.

What is the level of technical support 1?

The technical support of level 1 is the first line of the technical support equipment, which is responsible for the basic problems of the client. It is synonymous with initial support or support for level 1 and the solution of technical or semi -technical problems.

What is the technical support level 2?

The technical support of Level 2 is technical support. Cost more than level 1, since technical support representatives have more experience and knowledge with the specific product or the specific service. Administrative support that describes advanced problems of problem solving and analysis technical.

What is the level of technical support 3?

The technical support of level 3 is the highest level of support in a technical support model with three countries. This equipment is responsible for dealing with the most difficult or complex problems. It is synonymous with L3 support and describes the methods that designate methods with methods withMethods and resolution.

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What services offer experts in technical support at level 1?

Specialists for technical support for support 1 or level 1 support generally deal with simple and simple problems, possibly with the help of the knowledge base and passage guides. This includes problem solving methods, PThe correct software support and software support when searching in the application menus.

What services offer experts in technical support at level 2?

Technical support experts for level 2 are responsible for repair, diagnosis, tests and use of remote control tools for software repairs.

What services offer experts in technical support at level 3?

Technical support experts for technical support for level 3 are responsible for correcting hardware, code or architecture problems with a low level. The L3 team works in close collaboration with developers or product managers.

What is this or technical support layers?

Technical support levels, also known as support levels, are the scope of the technical support that is supplied to the IT software or the hardware product. It is divided into 3 categories: Level 1 or L1, Level 2 or L2, level3 or L2 or L3. The support is classified according to the complexity of the question.

What are the advantages of IT support?

Technical Support for the Auxiliary TableThe levels help optimize employee costs, improve the use of resources and offer high customer satisfaction.Third team. The third team is responsible for complex problems and is the most expensive capital.

What are you the tasks?

Some joint tasks of the IT support team are the following:

  • ✓ Monitoring of networks and computer systems.
  • ✓ Slogge customer and employee support tickets.
  • ✓ Answer calls on time.
  • ✓ Diagnosis and corrects hardware or software errors.
  • ✓ Verify the protocols to discover underlying problems or trends.
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