Is the washing machine drain clogged? (How to solve the problem) (2023)

Many housewives hate doing laundry, but it's something that needs to be done regularly. However, the washing machine is sometimes the most underrated household item. But that all changes the day you realize your washing machine drain is clogged.

Without a working washing machine, these laundry jobs become a nightmare. Therefore, it is better to evaluate the washing machine and know what to do if a problem arises.

There could be a number of reasons why your washing machine isn't draining water or is leaking. First, it could be a problem with the washing machine. In this case, it has nothing to do with protecting the main drain line.

A washing machine drain backflow problem is likely related to plumbing issues.

In any case, if you understand the symptoms of both, you can find out the cause and find the right solution.

The washing machine is broken

Is the washing machine drain clogged? (How to solve the problem) (1)

At the end of the wash cycle there must be no more water in the drum. However, if you notice that water does not come out of the drum, the washing machine is probably not working properly. [1] Here are some things you can do to fix the problem:

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Perform a master reset

Is the washing machine drain clogged? (How to solve the problem) (2)

If you have a newer model, a master reset might work. First you need to disconnect the washing machine from the mains for a minute. Then you have to plug the device back in and open the port six times within 12 seconds. This instructs the computer to restart.[2] Unfortunately, this won't work for everyone, but it's a quick fix if your technology supports the technology.

Test the cover switch assembly

If you have a top loading washing machine, it will only drain when the lid is securely closed. However, if your cap is defective, it will cause problems. You can try pressing the cover button with your fingers and see if the machine responds. If it expires, that's it, problem solved! After that, you just need to extend the rod into the cap to make sure you're pressing the button.

Check the drain hose

It could be that the drain hose is bent. This prevents water from seeping out of the drum. Therefore, check the hose responsible for draining the water from the washing machine. If it is bent in any way, try unfolding it and draining the washer. [3]

Check for clogs in the pump

Is the washing machine drain clogged? (How to solve the problem) (3)

Socks or small items of clothing can easily fall into the washing machine's drain system. This will clog the hose or pump. If you remove the front panel of the washing machine, you can see if there are any snags in these areas. If something gets in the way, remove it and try draining the water again.

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Checking the wash hose will ensure you are getting all the water out if you have a top loading washing machine. As soon as you disconnect the hose, water will come out of the washing machine. So this can be a tricky solution if you have a front loader. Either way, your washing machine should be able to drain once you've cleared the clog. [4]

clean coin trap

If your washing machine has a coin strainer that catches items before they go down the drain, it may be clogged. You'll notice a control panel on your washing machine that allows easy access. Once you find the coin collector, clean it and see if the washing machine drains.

Check water level control

If the water level control is faulty, it will prevent the washing machine from spinning or draining. [5] To investigate the possible problem, open the device's control panel. Here you should notice a plastic hose attached to the water level valve. You can clean it with vinegar if it gets clogged. However, if the valve is corroded, it will need to be replaced.

Plan washing machine repair

If none of these troubleshooting methods work, there could be other problems. For example, the water pump or drive belt may have failed. In that case, you should call a professional for repairs or replacement.

washing machine drain

If you notice water backing up the plumbing, the problem is not with the washing machine itself. The washing machine connects to your home's plumbing system through pipes and hoses from the washing machine's drain box. If water does not drain from this connection, a plumbing problem may be the cause. Several things can cause plumbing problems. Therefore, you must first identify the source and cause of the plumbing problem.

The washing machine shares a drain with the kitchen.

In many homes, it is common for the washing machine and appliances to drain through the same pipe. SometimesFood and grease can build up in the tube, which slows down the flow of water. If this problem persists, it can get so bad that the flow stops altogether.

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This also makes backflow from the washing machine drain a problem.

Water could be pooling in the kitchen sink while a load of laundry is in the cycle. This can also cause the bathtub to fill with water. If you notice any of the dips, it means the drain line is clogged. you can tryMethods for cleaning drainsor call a professional to clean the drain.

Preventive methods should always be kept in mind. For example, you can prevent your washing machine drain from returning by not throwing food and grease down the drain. Another preventative method you can use isclear drains with enzymatic productsregularly. This will remove minor clogs and minimize the chance of clogged drains. However, remember that enzymes do not remove serious blockages.

So is the water capacity of the washing machine

When the amount of water exceeds the drain capacity, the wash water drain returns. Also, you can see that the washing machine's drain pipe is leaking or overflowing. These are clear signs that the drain pipe is too small.

Most modern washing machines are designed for 2-inch drain lines. These washing machines will not work properly if you have an older home with a 1 ½ inch drain line to the washing machine. In that case, you need to call a plumber to find the best solution for your drain.

Her house has cast iron pipes

Cast iron pipes are mostly found in old houses. [6] The problem with pipes like these is that scale and rust can build up when not in use. So if you're away from home for a long time, your washing machine's drain can get clogged. The only way to solve the problem is to clean the pipes. For a long-term solution, it might be best to replace the tubes.

P-trap is clogged

Is the washing machine drain clogged? (How to solve the problem) (4)

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ANDp-traprepresents the area of ​​the pipe behind the U-shaped wall. The P-trap has several purposes, one of which is to prevent clogging. As water flows through this section of the pipe, debris such as sand or lint sinks to the bottom. This will prevent debris from clogging the pipe further down the line. However, if thep-trapit fills up, clogs up and causes the washing machine to restart as well.

If you notice water under the washing machine but no other symptoms mentioned above, this is most likely the problem. Again, a licensed professional can clean the p-trap for you.

Washing machine drain options

If you frequently find your washing machine drain full, you may want to reconsider your washing machine drain options. If your current drain option isn't working properly, you're in for a lot of trouble. Here are some washing machine drain options to consider:

do you use a laundry tub?

A laundry tub is one of the best drainage options for a washing machine. It requires a drain hose that is about 25 to 30 inches off the ground. Below 12 to 18 inches, the tub works.

In other words, when your washing machine drains the water, the water runs into theWaschwanne. In this way, you can prevent large particles from entering your pipes and prevent clogs. Most premium washer manufacturers recommend this type of configuration specification.

install a standpipe

Another option is to install a standpipe for your washing machine. It is a vertical piece of tube consisting of an arch at the bottom. The purpose of a standpipe is to keep the water level in the washing machine below the drain level. This will prevent the drain or sewer line from running back into the washing machine. A standpipe is an excellent backflow preventer for your washing machine's drain hose.

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underground pipe connection

Another excellent option for drainage work is an underground pipe connection. Note, however, that this is also the most expensive option. This configuration also requires a standpipe, but part of the pipe will go underground. Usually the tube connects to the washing machine under the floor. The water is then piped out of the house into a wastewater storage tank.


As you can see, there can be a number of reasons why your washing machine drain becomes clogged. However, by analyzing the symptoms, you can quickly find the cause and correct the problem. To avoid such a problem in the future, it is important to get itproper channel maintenance. Another option is, of course, to have a proper drainage system for your washing machine professionally installed.


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