How are Coretec Luxury vinyl floors cleaned? (step by step process) – Choose the vacuum cleaner (2023)

Flooring plays a huge role in protecting our feet from the outside environment. There are different types of flooring that you will find in the market. Among them, CoreTec Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers great looks at a reasonable price. It earns the Best Seller label due to the higher share of sales in the United States. This fame is due to the fact that it is resistant to scratches and dents, waterproof, etc.

Regardless, you need to ensure proper maintenance; Otherwise, it may gradually lose its former glory. In addition, to keep the terrible floor dust-free, you need to clean it regularly. The cleaning process is not the same as a regular floor. In our discussion below, we try to “How to clean Coretec luxury vinyl plank floors.” So stay tuned.

Steps to clean CoreTec luxury vinyl plank floors


  • We will show you in three steps how to clean CoreTec vinyl floorboards. Here are those steps.

    How are Coretec Luxury vinyl floors cleaned? (step by step process) – Choose the vacuum cleaner (1)

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    Note: You can also follow the procedure below for “Cleaning CoreTec Plus Vinyl Plank Floors”.

    Step #1: Mop the floor

    First you need to sweep the floor well. You can use a regular broom or a microfiber mop.

    you can dryCapturing your CoreTec floor. So you can easily collect all the dirt, sand and dust afterwards.


    Avoid abrasive pads as they can damage the vinyl floor and cause minor scratches on the floor. Therefore, try to wipe the floor gently, as any mistake can void the warranty.

    Step #2: Create a solution:

    Items you can avoid:

    • abrasives.
    • Strong detergents.

    CoreTec has developed three different cleaners for floor cleaning.

    1. Daily cleaning:You can use this cleaner for everyday use. To clean, you need to take two capfuls from cleaner bottles in a 5 liter container.
    2. Deep Cleaner:This cleaner is used to deep clean the floor. To prepare the solution you will need to place seven deep cleaner bottle caps in a five liter container.

    Level 3:

    Now that you have made the desired solution, take this mixture into a spray bottle. Then spray the mixture onto the floor and wipe the sprayed area with a microfiber cloth. Alternatively, you can dampen a microfiber cloth. After that, take the towel and scrub the floor well.

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    Step 4:

    Stain Remover:If you find a stubborn stain on the floor, you can use stain remover.

    • First spray the spotter on the stain and leave it on for 5 minutes.
    • Then take a towel and blot the stain.
    • After that, pour some water again to clean it.

    Clean the floor with household items:

    • Vinegar

    The first household product you can use to clean your CoreTec floor is apple cider vinegar. This powerful cleaning agent appears to be helpful in keeping your CoreTec floor looking fresh. Also, this detergent is powerful enough to ensure a wonderful clean. In addition, its soft character helps prevent damage to the floor. residue or traces

    use the process:

    • First, pour a cup of vinegar into a gallon of water.
    • Then use this solution to clean the vinyl floor and remove all dirt.

    Tip: The smell of vinegar can be overwhelming for someone. No worries; This smell naturally disappears when the floor dries. You can also add a dash of jojoba oil to the mixture. Then the odor is neutralized.

    • Bicarbonate

    If you find that many stains on the vinyl floor, use baking soda. You can make a paste by mixing some baking soda with water and applying it to the stain with a soft cloth.

    How can I ensure routine maintenance of CoreTec vinyl floors?

    I hope you know that vinyl is easier to clean and more durable. CoreTec vinyl flooring also offers the same properties. To stay clean, it is best to ensure routine maintenance. As a routine maintenance, you should keep the floor free of dirt and dust. To do this, you can do dry cleaning with a broom.

    Also sweep the floor and pick up dirt and debris with a dustpan. You can also use a dry mop to clean. You can use the disposable pad on the mop or use an integrated pad. However, if you use a permanent absorbent, clean it up after use.

    How to clean your CoreTec floor with a vacuum cleaner

    CoreTec advises against using the rotary stick vacuum cleaner for your luxury vinyl floor. These poles can leave scratches on the floor. In addition, it is better to do without the vacuum cleaner, which offers a wet cleaning function and whichSteam cleaner cleaning vinyl plank floors. If you use a steam cleaner, it heats the adhesive that holds the panel.

    (Video) Vinyl Flooring Care & Maintenance

    I hope that using aStandard vacuum cleaner will not damage your luxurious floor finish. so if youClean the floor with a vacuum cleaner, avoid a blow brush. The impact brush can damage your CoreTecluxurious vinyl floor.

    Should you polish your CoreTec floor?

    If the area is busy, polish your CoreTec Luxury vinyl floor once a year. This is not required; Instead, CoreTec recommends it when deemed necessary. If you want to polish the floor, you need to make sure the surface is clean.

    Once the floor is completely clean, apply two coats.Note: When applying the coating, follow the manufacturer's instructions.After polishing, it must be left for at least a day. Also, open the bedroom window and turn on the exhaust fans to ventilate the room.

    Is it good to use protective mats?

    By using a protective mat, you can give your CoreTec floor extra protection. You can use it outside of all exits and entrances. This allows you to clear the floor of excess sand, dirt, gravel, sidewalk sealant, asphalt and other debris. If you don't protect your floor from these particles, they can be tracked inside.

    A word of caution: you are better off using 100% latex rugs. Avoid using rubber mats as they can stain the floor.

    How do you maintain your CoreTec luxury vinyl floor?

    Suppose you are installing CoreTec luxury vinyl flooring in the main room of your home. After installation, you should leave it for at least a day to allow the glue and grout to dry well. You must keep all kinds of heat-generating elements off the ground; otherwise, they may fade, burn, or stain the floor.

    You can avoid direct contact with the following items, such as:

    • reviews
    • refrigerators,
    • Other heat-generating items can generate over 120°F.

    Avoid sunlight:

    CoreTec vinyl floors need protection from the sun. If you cannot protect the floor from direct sunlight, the floor will fade or discolor in bright light. So it's important to cover the window when you see the strongest light.

    (Video) Luxury Vinyl Tile: Proper Cleaning & Maintenance Webinar

    Avoid shoes:

    When stepping onto your CoreTec floor, it is best to avoid the following types of shoes:

    • Tacos,
    • High Heels,
    • golf shoes with pinchos;

    The shoes mentioned can leave scratches on your CoreTec floor.

    frequently asked Questions

    What cleaning products are safe to use on vinyl plank floors?

    You can use two helpful products called apple cider or white vinegar to safely clean your vinyl floor. You can take a cup of vinegar in three and a half liters of hot water. Then dip the mop in the solution and scrub the floor. Vinegar works well to combat dirt, stains, and grime. When cleaning, it leaves no dirt or soap stains.

    Is Swiffer safe for vinyl plank floors?

    Cleaners manufactured by Swiffer are convenient and safe cleaners for cleaning vinyl floors. Swiffer's vacuum cleaner,Spray mops and bar mops will not damage the surface of your vinyl plank floor. Although,You can use faster wet flowAremove old stainsAs a matter of fact.

    Can I Mr. Clean on vinyl plank floors?

    You can clean Mr. to remove dirt and grease. In addition, it accounts for its antibacterial propertythis cleaner useful for cleaningDirt from bathtubs, tiles, toilets and floors. Additionally, this cleaning product is safe to use on laminate, glass, rubber, plastic, vinyl and tile surfaces.

    last words

    Installing CoreTec Luxury Vinyl Flooring gives your interior a stunning look. But it can remain the same as the old one unless you take care of a proper cleaning process. So how do you clean coretec luxury vinyl floorboards? I hope this article can help you find an effective cleaning process.

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