Are concrete floors harmful to health? (2023)

When choosing your beautiful flooring, have you considered the health benefits? No, right? The amazing effects of concrete are unknown to most homeowners.

You may have considered the aesthetics, cost, maintenance and durability of concrete floors before installing them. However, not only does concrete look easy to maintain, but it also offers many health benefits.

From reducing dust to improving air quality, concrete floors can support a healthier lifestyle. So this blog will guide you through the positive aspects of installing a concrete floor.

Are you ready for a healthier living environment?

sources of indoor pollution

Strengthening the immune system is now a mandatory criterion for staying healthy. Thus, having an idea of ​​​​the sources that lead to the deterioration of health helps:

  • Degassing toxic soils
  • moho
  • wallpaper
  • mold spores
  • Wooden furniture containing formaldehyde
  • Staubmilben

It is crucial to have concrete floors, which have numerous positive environmental and respiratory effects. Also, it protects you from the dangers of toxins in your bedroom. So read on to find out what impact concrete floors have on indoor climate.

Top 10 health benefits of concrete floors

The need for a pollution-free indoor climate has increased in the past year due to the pandemic. Therefore, homeowners bet on the use of concrete floors.

In addition, commercial buildings also use this surface to improve their attractiveness and surroundings.

Concrete floors not only keep your building less vulnerable to damage for years, but they also block out useful systems.

These are the positive effects that an installed concrete floor can have on an indoor environment:

1. Improved air quality

About 50% of headaches and illnesses persist due to poor air quality. The use of organic materials installed in your home favors the natural growth of harmful microorganisms.

If these molds stick to the floor, breathe them out. Therefore, discomfort is caused by this. Carpets and wood are major contributors to unsafe air quality.

In addition, organisms survive on surfaces thanks to the moisture accumulated on them.

Concrete floors improve security within the wall as they cannot trap these residents. In turn, make the air quality reasonable and safer to live in.

2. Reduced exposure to chemicals

Synthetic carpets cannot be cleaned enough to rid them of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, polished concrete floors use non-toxic fabrication and installation services.

That way, you won't be exposed to harmful chemicals between carpet stickers. Therefore, concrete floors offer a friendly, clean design that can reduce the likelihood of illness.

Living with VOCs in your home can irritate your respiratory system. Therefore, using a lime-cement plaster wall finish with polished concrete reduces the concentration of VOCs.

3. The air will be free of allergens

Polished concrete is easy to clean. Therefore, it does not capture allergens such as pollen or dust mites.

If the floors and walls are carpeted, this is a sneeze heaven. Carpet comes into contact with natural materials that cause allergies in most people and are difficult to clean. However, polished concrete only requires a good cleaning to remove dust buildup.

Replacing your carpet-laden wall with durable concrete surfaces ensures your living room is allergen-free.

So if you're sneezing a lot because you've been in an enclosed, carpeted room, it's time to install polished concrete in your home.

4. Provides a pet-friendly environment

Having a concrete floor also has health benefits for your pets. Running around the house on toxic floors will make you sick faster due to the VOCs released.

Furthermore, a concrete floor would also be easier for them to walk on due to its sturdiness. Hair does not get stuck on the floor, which makes cleaning easier.

Plus, a dog poo on a polished concrete floor also makes it easy to clean up.

5. Living comfort

One of the most important aspects is the compatibility of concrete with underfloor heating. Manufacturers offering tangible services can embed the coils in trays, making them warmer in the colder months.

It is a type of underfloor heating that provides an even and constant supply of heat to keep you warm. For example, it might come in handy if you have young children who like to play on the floor to keep them warm and comfortable.

6. Reduction of blown air

When using underfloor heating, you don't need modern heating systems. This reduces the air flow in your home and in turn prevents dirt from circulating throughout your home.

Therefore, with concrete floors, you can ensure that dusty air does not circulate, which can cause allergies.

7. Profitable Economic Benefit

Polished concrete floors and walls can only save energy if you use light colored concrete. Yes, concrete floors can reduce your electricity bills!

The stone material in your concrete floors helps maintain light reflectivity. Boosts natural light for a brilliant delivery day and night. Also, in some cases, concrete floors have such an effect that you don't need artificial light at night.

In addition, using underfloor heating also reduces the cost of electricity bills.

8. Customization of polished concrete floors

Not all benefits need to be physical; some are also emotional. Polished concrete floors allow you to customize your floors and choose the type of color, texture and pattern you want.

Therefore, you can adjust the material to suit your needs. You'll have a sense of control over the type of polished concrete flooring you use in your home.

This will not only bring you joy, but also peace and contentment.

9. Helps illuminate the floor to create a positive mood

As mentioned earlier, light is increased due to the reflectivity of polished concrete floors. Therefore, the reflection of this light provides a supply of natural light on the floors, which in turn illuminates the house to provide a positive environment.

Control over the designs you choose and the sleek, glossy finish of the polished concrete floors keep sanity in check.

So, with one simple installation, polished concrete can keep you happy for years!

10. Make sure your home doesn't have linoleum floors.

Linoleum floors can also release toxins like VOCs. These types of flooring fall under sheet vinyl products that have been chemically treated.

So, if you want to remove these toxins from your home and strengthen your immune system, install polished concrete. The polishing process does not use any chemicals that contain trace amounts of VOCs. Therefore, this floor is safer and surface maintenance is easier.


Concrete floors can be beautiful, just as they can be healthier for many. Your health will have an immunity boost with these walls or floors.

Compared to carpet or wooden furniture, concrete is safer and does not contain toxins. You can make your home 10 times safer for your kids and pets. Also, the fresher air and brighter environment will improve your mood and make you happy.

Would you like to give your home a modern touch with good air quality? You can communicate with himOmega 2000 Cribbing sVisit and find contractors who can help with installing concrete floors!

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