advantages and disadvantages of German coating from Germany, features of class 32 and 33 options and 8 mm thickness, customer reviews, oak and mosaic models in the interior. (2023)

Kronotex is one of the world's recognized brands in the market for floor materials. These floor coverings owe their popularity to the high properties achieved by using high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials and the high workability of the production process.

About the company

Kronotex is part of the Swiss Krono Group. It was founded in Germany in Heiligengrabe in 1993 as a family business. In the beginning, the factory was engaged in the production of MDF. Today, the German company specializes in chipboard and laminate flooring. The company's production volume today amounts to more than one hundred million square meters of asphalt per year, which is marketed in more than seventy countries around the world.

The basic principle that governs the company is the production of products that are harmless to human health.With this approach, the company could take a leading position on the market to a greater extent. All steps in the production process, from receiving wood material to finished laminate coverings, are located in one place and constantly monitored by automated work management systems.

The guarantees given by the company refer not only to the quality of the finished product, but also to the safety and environmental acceptance of the production itself. As part of Kronotex floor coverings, only natural raw materials are used, and the company itself spends a lot of money on environmental protection. That is why Kronotex products are so appreciated all over the world.

See the Kronotex laminate, see the following video.

Technical data

Kronotex laminate has been known to the Russian consumer for a long time. The products from the German factory have international certificates for compliance with safety quality standards, as they are made from harmless and natural raw materials.

Kronotex is produced in two classes of commercial reliability (32 and 33), that is, such a floor can be used even in rooms where people are constantly moving. And if such a covering is installed in the living room, it will be possible for decades to come not to think about repairing the floor.

Kronotex laminate has a four-layer structure:

  • The lower stabilization layer, which ensures the resistance of the structure to wear and protection against moisture from below;
  • HDF board is a fibrous material with a density of around 900 kg/m. cc These panels are also produced by Kronotex, so the manufacturer can easily change their properties depending on changes in the production of floor coverings;

  • A decorative layer that ensures the necessary appearance of the coating. This layer is made of specially processed paper with an image of wood or stone. Due to the special composition of colors and the special technology of their application, the decorative layer is not exposed to the sun's rays, that is, it does not fade;
  • Protective layer of Overlay film, thanks to which the laminate is protected against wear, moisture and other mechanical influences. Environmentally acceptable and health-safe polymers and resins are used for the production of the protective film.

Kronotex laminate floors have good properties, in fact:

  • Resistant to mechanical stress. Even after many years of intensive use, the floor surface will remain completely flat and smooth without scratches and will be cleaned with permanent patches;
  • Fireproof. Laminate does not support the combustion process, and even during smoldering, it does not emit harmful substances;
  • Resistance to elevated temperatures (short term). When a lit match or cigarette falls on the floor, no traces will remain on the coating due to the presence of a reliable top layer;

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  • Possibility of installation on underfloor heating. But at the same time, the manufacturer recommends that the heating be uniform throughout the Kronotex coating;
  • easy care Laminate floors are easy to keep clean with a wet or dry vacuum cleaner;
  • Descending. Even in rooms to the south, where there is always sunlight, Kronotex does not change its appearance;
  • Antistatic properties. The protective top layer of the coating does not allow dust to remain on the floor surface.

Pros and cons

According to customers and experts, compared to other floor coverings in class 32 and 33, Kronotex has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Extremenatural compositionproduct. No harmful additives are used in the production of laminates, which can negatively affect human health, but at the same time can significantly improve the performance of the pavement. Kronotex was one of the first companies to launch glue-free laminate flooring. Therefore, the laminate used when replacing the floor can be safely disposed of in the usual way. It will not harm the surrounding nature, so there is no need to deliberately waste it somewhere;

  • range of possibilitiestextures and colors. To date, Kronotex has been presented in seven series with a total number of models of about three hundred, so it is unlikely that the consumer will have problems finding the desired shade. The manufacturer offers a wide range of models for this;

  • Guaranteefor a floor covering of 20-30 years depending on its domestic use, which is an indicator of the company's confidence in the reliability and durability of finishing materials;

  • almost 100%conveys the appearance of these natural surfaceswhich imitates laminate flooring. This is achieved by using new technologies for applying a layer of paint and further processing the final coating (for example, brushing);

  • Setting up Kronotex is very simple. You don't need any special skills or knowledge. Each panel is equipped with a special Clic lock, you just need to insert one panel into the other and that's it - the floor is ready. If necessary, the floor can also be easily disassembled; the laminate will not be affected.

The only drawback of Kronotex, as well as any coating based on DFD, is that it cannot be exposed to moisture, that is, in the event of a leak in the heating system or other water impact, the laminate will swell and become unusable. Therefore, spilled even a small amount of water must be immediately removed from the floor with a dry cloth.

How to choose?

The choice of laminate is not easy. But if the priority has changed in favor of Kronotex, the consumer only has to choose from the multitude of colors and textures that it presents in its collections. Of course, if you want to buy exactly Kronotex, but the budget is limited, you can stop choosing the universal Dynamic model. The thickness of the panels in this collection is small - 8 mm, but at the same time the coating has high strength and resistance to various influences. Due to the low price of the laminate from this collection, it is the most popular among customers.

If greater demands are placed on the floor covering, i.e. it is intended to be used in rooms with high traffic, then the natural choice would be to buy a laminate with a thickness of 12 mm, which guarantees its long life. future operation.


Despite the fact that the installation of the lining is quite simple, there are certain nuances that require attention. In order for the laminate not to be deformed and to reach room temperature, it must be kept horizontally for two days in the place where it is to be installed.

Laminate boards are laid along the direction of the light in the room. If the lining is placed on the screed, you must first lay a layer of vapor barrier material. Then a layer of sound insulation. Now everything is ready to lay the floor covering.

Start fitting the plate from the corner of the room. Leave 1-1.5 cm between the wall and the laminate board to create a flowing structure. Laminate boards are shortened with a special cutter, hacksaw or circular saw. The new row must start with the trim left over from the previous row. The panels in the second and subsequent rows are fixed with a lock, place them at an angle to the previous row and push until it clicks.

You may need to trim the width of the panel when installing the last row. This must be done taking into account the distance from the wall. Under no circumstances is a floor laid. The strip must also not be attached to the floor, it is only attached to the wall. Otherwise, deformation of the floor is possible, in which case the manufacturer reserves the right not to accept complaints due to non-compliance with the installation of the laminate floor.

In large rooms larger than 12x8m, it is necessary to install a special expansion profile. To install the laminate cladding in the space under the door frames, the latter are cut with a saw.

Various collections

Kronotex is presented in the following series:

  • "Mammoth"- the pavement, which brings the naturalness, comfort and warmth typical of a country house into the interior. All models (and there are 22 of them) imitate the structure of natural oak from light tones (eg Oak Everest Silver) to dark tones (Oak Mountain Black). Some models have a special glossy texture;

  • mammoth moreit retains the characteristics of the previous collection and is complemented by nine more design options, which are printed on larger panels. Thanks to this laminate format, the floor is even more reminiscent of natural wood, which makes the environment of the room even closer to nature;

  • "Robust"- collection due to increased load. The models in this collection are 12 mm thick and are able to withstand even the toughest tests. The color palette is represented by 15 shades of oak;

  • "Amazon"- a series with a unique panel design. Such floors are more suitable for those who like everything unusual and original. Most models are a mixture of different shades of gray and brown oak, but despite this, the laminate does not look unnatural. Each laminate board looks like a solid board, so the floor as a whole looks particularly elegant;

  • "fin"- a collection with a wide selection of decorations that gives the comfort of natural wood underfoot, thanks to the special structure of the top layer of laminate. In the series you can see models imitating different types of wood: pine, oak, walnut, teak and ash;

  • "I'm looking for more"- this series also contains decorations for different types of wood. In addition to the standard longitudinal arrangement of patterns, the collection includes a laminate that imitates a herringbone parquet. With the help of laminate from this series, the floor becomes the most important art object in the room. The panels have a larger width, so you can easily create unique designs in spacious rooms;

  • "Glamour"- The name of the series speaks for itself. The collection has an unusual concept. Laminate decorations here imitate the texture of ordinary wood and natural stone, even with joints under the tiles. Also interesting are glossy plates with a uniform color (black, white, gray) and plates with a mosaic pattern;

  • "MegaPlus"- a collection of panels with larger widths and relatively low prices. The decorations in this series are fresh and varied: from imitation stone tiles to wood;

  • "Dynamic"- the most popular and universal coverage. The panels in this collection are an imitation of natural oak, pine, beech, walnut parquet. In addition, they can resemble ordinary boards or parquet laid lengthwise. Color range of coatings - from brown and beige to black tones;

  • Dynamic plus- the collection is presented with fresh design solutions that make every interior unique. Here you can also meet beautiful silver oaks and tall oaks, which you can't help but admire. Floors created with products from this series are universal and comfortable.

opportunities within

An original and unique look in the interior of the living room floor with Kronotex from the «Dynamic» collection. His drawing looks like an overlap of square woodcuts.

The floor has "Robusto" laminate. Tree fantasy creates a unique impression of endless ocean expanses, despite the specificity of the name.

dynamic floors Malmö brings notes of nature into its office environment and encourages creative activity in those who work in this space.

The floor made of "Exquisit" laminate boards in natural pine color combined with wooden furniture and wooden wall decoration fills the room with the spirit of refined traditions of the 19th century.

The kitchen floor in the color silver mountain oak (Mammut series) fits perfectly with the white kitchen series and the dining group in natural wood.


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