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+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (3)

What flooring goes well with oak cabinets?

Oak kitchen cabinets have slowly come back into fashion, with an updated style, and the first passion of oak home owners and lovers is to know the answers as to which flooring goes well with honey oak cabinets.

Various design trends for oak cabinets are now being used to make them look classic and modern while remodeling the kitchen.

Oak was one of the best hardwoods used to make kitchen cabinets in the 1970s. This trend started to fade in the 1990s, but it is slowly making a comeback.

Homeowners and designers favored oak for its durability and its ability to bring kitchen interiors to life.

honey oak cabinets, which floor color goes best?

Oak cabinets can be combined with many floor coverings because they are versatile. However, it can be combined very well with light, medium and dark floors. Hardwoods, tile, laminate, vinyl, granite, and even marble can be used to give your oak cabinets an updated look.

In this article, we talk about the different oak cabinet floors and color options, the best way to combine them, and also give you some suggestions.

17 Answers To What's Happening With Honey Oak Cabinets You Should Know (For Beginners)

Oak cabinets have a sleek, neutral color and texture and complement a variety of kitchen designs. It can be combined with a traditional, rustic and even modern kitchen environment.

(Video) How to Match your Countertops, Cabinets, and Floors | Kitchen Magic

The current challenge when using oak cabinets is modernizing them and finding the best flooring option to suit them. The goal of this article is to provide guidance and suggestions on how to address these challenges.

Should the floor be lighter or darker than the oak cabinets?

When you think about which flooring to pair with Honey Oak cabinets, you'll realize

The cabinets and the floor are two elements that attract attention in the kitchen. This makes most homeowners wonder if the floor should be a darker shade than the cabinets.

+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (5)

To answer that, your cabinets and flooring need to contrast or complement each other. This does not necessarily mean that the floor has to be a darker shade.

If you have natural oak cabinets and also want an oak floor, choose a similar shade that's stained a medium brown.

First, there are a few things to consider before deciding on a new floor.
pairs with honey oak cabinets

A basic understanding of wood tones is important when pairing hardwood floors with wood cabinets. Choose oak woods that are similar in tone but different tones for your floors and furniture.

If you would like your oak cabinet to be stained orpainted in bright colorsLike white, gray, light blue, or green, use a medium or dark oak floor for contrast.

If you want your cabinets stained orpainted in dark colorslike black and petrol grey, pair them with light oak floors like soft orange, yellow or bleached oak.

What flooring goes with Honey Oak cabinets and what to choose?

+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (7)

Choosing honey oak cabinets in your kitchen is a great idea as it satisfies the desire for warmth in the kitchen. When choosing a floor color, you should choose one that gives your kitchen a slightly classic, more modern look.

Oak parquet put to the test!

Oak parquet put to the test!

Let's dive into my favorite updated flooring that matches honey oak cabinets!

Honey oak is a mid-tone wood that is versatile and complements many floor colors. They go best with light-colored floors like white and gray or multi-colored floors like terracotta that have a light shade of honey oak. Honey oak cabinets also pair well with dark floors that are darker than the cabinets.

Light floors help to brighten up the oak cabinets and the general interior of the kitchen. They also form a nice color contrast with the cabinets.

Opt for light-colored floors to accentuate the unique wood patterns on the honey-oak cabinets. These colors make a great combination as light maple, whitewashed pine, light cherry and beech floors enhance the beauty of your kitchen with honey oak cabinets.

Your kitchen floor is just as important as your cabinets, the right color floor in combination with your cabinets brings it all together.

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Choose the wrong floor color and you won't even want to enter the kitchen.

To avoid this mishap, choose a light floorColors like maple to balance the rich, warm tones of the oak cabinetsthat gives personality to your kitchen.

The multicolored background adds flexibility. They create a cozy, light and bright atmosphere. Its vibrant color scheme will draw attention away from the honey oak cabinets. The dark floor is luxurious and eye-catching.

What floor color goes with the golden oak cabinets?

+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (10)

Golden oak cabinets are a very attractive and eye-catching item in the kitchen area. They bring energy to wherever they are used and offer a light and airy atmosphere.

What colors go with honey oak cabinets? 13 Answers You Should Know (For Beginners)

The dark brown stained hardwood floor matches the golden oak cabinets. When combined, they give a room a look of vitality and warmth. These two combinations are timeless and can be used to create a sophisticated look or just a casual look.

Different patterned floors also go well with golden oak cabinets as they are very attractive and create a good aesthetic. These shelves are a fantastic option for your golden oak cabinets.

Granite, marble, stoneware or laminate floors with their various exclusive designs bring creativity and decoration to the kitchen. It will draw attention away from the golden oak cabinets and modernize your kitchen space.

What floor color goes with dark oak cabinets?

+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (12)

A maple base pairs very well with dark oak cabinets, as it's a light shade that complements the dark tones in your cabinet.

Another option to consider is yellow.birchFloor that emphasizes the dark tone of its oak cabinet.

Yellow birch and maple, the two floor colors that bring out the character of dark oak and bring it into play at the same time.

Combine oak parquet withoak cabinets?

It sounds like a far-fetched idea, but it's all about choosing the right color scheme for the right type of wood. It fits perfectly with the classic style of the kitchen.

What floor color goes with white oak cabinets?

White oak is one of the most popular woods for kitchen cabinets. White oak is similar to birch and maple and impresses with its soft-grained surface.

White oak cabinets match most floor coverings. You can use light, medium and dark floors for these cabinets. They go well with all kinds of floor colours, from white, grey, brown, black and red. You can also combine any floor material with the white oak cabinets.

+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (13)

White oak cabinets paired with good flooring and stainless steel appliances are a great way to update your kitchen interior. It will create a complete kitchen makeover.

The combination of white oak cabinets with dark floors will enhance the beauty of your cabinets. A dark floor covering also hides stains and scratches and coordinates the interior.

How to choose wood floor color for oak kitchen cabinets?

When choosing floor colors for your oak cabinets, a creative mind is the best option. Before choosing your floor color, you need to decide if you want a color that matches or contrasts with your kitchen area.

With this in mind, you can choose the best parquet colors for oak cabinets. Let's see some of them.

The light colors of the floor contrast with the oak cabinets. Oak cabinets come in medium to dark colors, and light floor colors provide contrast and balance. For oak floors with oak cabinets, use floor colors with soft grains, good patterns, and a shade lighter or darker than your cabinets.

Another option for oak cabinets is the medium or dark floor color. The oak cabinets are medium toned so they complement the same medium or dark flooring.

The color of the mid-tone parquet should be one shade lighter or darker than the oak cabinets. They are easier to care for and therefore go well with oak cabinets.

(Video) Don't Buy Kitchen Cabinets Without Watching This First!

How to decorate with golden oak floors?

Golden oak flooring blends into both modern and traditional kitchen settings. They are a neutral, natural option for homeowners who can stand the test of time and still maintain their elegance.

One way to style with golden oak flooring is to pair it with a dark blue island, white cabinets, black hardware, and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen should also be paired with a white light gray subway tile backsplash.paredesand white countertops.

White color combinations will brighten up the kitchen, giving it an airier and more spacious look. Black fixtures and stainless steel appliances complement the white cabinets and countertops.

Dark blue island contrasts white and gray subway backsplashparedesIt will wrap the whole look. Different colors contrast and complement the golden oak floors, creating a stunning and inviting color scheme.

Which hardwood flooring goes best with the Honey Oak cabinet?

These days, oak cabinets are practically a must for homeowners. Most homeowners want their cabinets to be made from oak for its distinctive features, pattern, and color.

Many hardwood floors pair beautifully with oak cabinets. Here are the top suggestions for the best hardwood floors that go best with oak cabinets.

For lasting impact and sophistication, choose flooring made from natural wood planks. These are best suited for busy kitchen activities. Wood species such as maple, birch, cherry, and red oak are roofing materials that pair well with oak cabinets.

Although engineered wood flooring retains moisture longer than other wood flooring materials, natural wood flooring is more durable. Both can be used as lining materials for oak cabinets.

Red oak brings a redundant kitchen to life with its medium brown and red tones. Good natural woods for oak cabinets.

Brazilian Cherry is a hardy dark brown to reddish brown cherry wood and is a good choice for flooring that matches oak cabinets. With prolonged use, the acerola acquires a medium hue.

How to modernize golden oak cabinets?

Golden oak cabinets give the kitchen an authentic and welcoming atmosphere. This is why they are used a lot as homeowners want their kitchen to feel warm to the touch and there is no better option.

Oak cabinets modernization has always been the main theme. While most homeowners prefer golden oak cabinets in their kitchen, they tend to draw all the attention and stand out.

Do you have this problem too? Then sit back, relax, and read on as we bring you suggestions.

Golden oak kitchen cabinets can be updated by creating a contrasting color scheme. This will draw attention away from the cabinets. You can do this by installing a separate backsplash,Use of white walls., elegant hardware, stainless steel appliances, elegant countertops and white floors.

A prominent backsplash, like the subway tile backsplash, takes attention away from the heavy appearance of the cabinets. Brass hardware will tone down the cabinet color, and a white countertop will brighten up the kitchen.

The use of stainless steel appliances enhances the kitchen and reflects more light. The letters and the white floor wrap and balance the overall look.

Do Honey Oak cabinets match dark hardwood floors?

Dard hardwood floors have always been a popular choice due to their warmth.They match and complement almost any painting.and wood color. They are also loved for their ability to hide scratches and blemishes.

Paired with honey oak cabinets, dark hardwood floors wrap up the overall look and allow the cabinet color to pop. Honey oak cabinets and dark hardwood floors are an ideal combination for a lighter, airier and more spacious kitchen. They create a dramatic effect and are perfect for a modern kitchen.

To add even more drama, pair honey oak cabinets and dark hardwood floors with white quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, a white backsplash, and bright lighting. They reflect enough light onto the wood and create a stylish look.

Your cabinets and flooring are some of the major factors that determine your kitchen's aesthetics and taste. Therefore, it is very important to choose a combination that works.

What vinyl flooring goes well with golden oak cabinets?

Vinyl planks are available in a variety of finishes and designs to suit any setting. They are one of the best flooring options in terms of cost, durability, and resistance to moisture. Vinyl flooring is attractive and pairs well with a variety of wood cabinets.

Thinking of pairing vinyl flooring with golden oak cabinets? Then opt for vinyl flooring in light to medium shades. vinylFloors in honey and gray tonesthey are the best options that will contrast with your golden oak cabinets and complement other elements of the kitchen.

Vinyl flooring mimics the look of hardwood, creating warmth and powerful appeal. This is the reason why so many homeowners choose this floor.

Hardwood-look vinyl complements the golden oak cabinets and creates a unique setting. They are also very low-maintenance, long-lasting, and the ideal choice for budget-conscious families looking to renovate.

What goes well with honey oak LVT cabinets?

You can still find honey oak cabinets in most traditional American-style kitchens today. They are one of the best options because they are very affordable and can stand the test of time. You can further enhance the look of your oak cabinets by pairing them with luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

(Video) How to Build Kitchen Cabinets (In Detail)

Matching oak cabinets to an ideal LVT can be a challenging task. It's best to pair your cabinets with a light LVT shade, such as gray tile designs. White tile designs also pair nicely with oak cabinets for a contemporary kitchen.

Here are some design suggestions for LVT to match your honey oak cabinets.

  • Gargoyle (7520)
  • Kircheneiche (6415)
  • Fergana Nogueira (5876)
  • Oak Etna (6671)
  • Astral (81538)
  • Camilla Carvalho (5824)
  • Mosaic (75210)
  • Carvalho Silva (5412)
  • Galvanized (49630)
  • dark walnut (6872)
  • Roble Hampton (R674)

Honey Oak vs Golden Oak

Honey Oak is a very popular redoak woodSpecies used for paving and carpentry, among others. It is specially made by staining red oak a strong yellow-orange or orange color with a special treatment, giving it an attractive appearance.

Oak honey was a huge trend in the '80s and '90s and may not be as popular lately. Do you still have honey oak cabinets or floors in your home and want to update them? Then pair them with a bold or neutral color scheme.

Used in many kitchens, golden oak cabinets are known for their rich colors that add an air of authenticity and sophistication. It's amadera dura naturalwhich wears over time due to surface inspections and needs to be repainted to maintain its original beauty and appearance.

While golden oak is still used in most homes, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to modernize it. This can be done throughRepaint to give the kitchen a modern look., or mix and match with other kitchen essentials that update your style.

How to soften the orange tone with the floor so that it matches the Honey Oak furniture?

Toning down the bright orange color of traditional oak cabinets is one way to bring them into a modern kitchen design. Oak cabinets have always been a favorite among homeowners due to their robust and well-built nature.

The orange color can be toned down by staining, painting, or decorating with other light-reflecting items.

To soften orange oak cabinets, you need a contrasting or neutral color. You can pair them with warm neutrals like Sherwin Williams Repose Gray or Manchester Tan (HC-81). If you want contrasting colors you can combine them with BM Pleasant Valley (696) or Comfort Gray (SW 6205).

They can be toned down by installing gray or white backsplashes like the subway tile backsplash, black or nickel hardware, and a bright light fixture. This pairs nicely with gray or white countertops and stainless steel appliances.

White or gray floors are also a good combination to complete the look. Flooring can be tile, wood, vinyl, laminate, marble, and granite.

These listed color and pattern combinations will soften your orange oak cabinets.

Does the gray floor match the honey oak cabinet?

Honey wood cabinets are often used in the kitchen. The warm tone of these cabinets makes them a great choice for a variety of kitchen projects.

Gray is a neutral flooring option that pairs well with a variety of cabinets, especially honey oak cabinets. Lighter shades of gray pair nicely with honey oak cabinets and cool down your temperature.

Of Gray wood, tile, porcelain, granite, and marble floors should be considered. They would provide a perfect contrast to your oak cabinets and add a beautiful yet functional look to your kitchen.

Gray tiles, marble, and granite come in a variety of designs to suit your kitchen. They work well in both small and large kitchens and ensure clean work.

pictures of honey oak cabinets with gray floor

+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (14)

Honey oak cabinets are great kitchen ideas, especially when paired with light colored flooring like gray flooring.

Here are some photos showing how different homeowners and interior designers have combined their cabinets with gray flooring and other kitchen items to create harmony in the kitchen interior.

+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (15)

+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (16)

+17 Options Oak Kitchen Cabinets Flooring Combination Guide - CABINETS SPECIALIST (17)

What furniture and flooring colors go well with the Honey Oak cabinet?

The furniture is the complement of the kitchen and thereforeshould be painted in a color that reflects the floorhe sits. He chooses a furniture color that goes well with his honey oak floor.

Whether you want a traditional kitchen or a modernized one, there is a color palette that goes very well with the honey oak floors.

The flooring matches the honey oak cabinets in a modern kitchen design with cabinets in light neutral colors like white and gray. Beige and magnolia, sand and gray also go well with oak floors. These colors soften the undertone of the oak floors, making the kitchen more relaxing and inviting.

Alternatively, earth tones are another option that you would admire. Shades like olive green, green, and sage are light earth tones for furniture. If you want a spark in your kitchen, you can go for a deep earth tone like burnt orange or tan.

(Video) Just Like Magic Your Golden Oak Color Will Disappear

Would you like to make a bold statement? Choose colors like burgundy, purple, and red for your furniture. Furniture in pastel pink and peach tones also works and pairs well with oak floors.

final thoughts

While it's still back in style with the Floor Goes With Honey Oak cabinet, oak cabinets are one of the best options out there. They can be stained, repainted or decorated to suit any style, from traditional to contemporary.

Do you have oak cabinets and want to give your kitchen a modern makeover? We hope this article helps you with your renewal.


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