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Songs about heaven attempt to describe the heavenly experience or express the idea that goes through people's minds in relation to heaven. In other cases, they are a comfort to the bereaved that their loved ones are in a better place. Heaven is drawn from religious beliefs as every human's ultimate goal when they die. It's a paradise with all the peace, serenity and care you could ask for. Some songs like their earthly experiences like love for heaven. Which songs base their themes on heaven?

"Dancing in Heaven" by Dani and Lizzy

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (1)

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This song was released in 2016. These two artists who sang it quickly gained attention due to the powerful words it conveys. The composition of this song was inspired by the loss of a close friend of Lizzy's. Lizzy let her mind wander by asking her late friend what heaven is like.

Based on the lyrics, he imagines it's peaceful and free, as people say. She worries if the fears and pain her friend felt on earth went away when she went to heaven. Lizzy had perfected the picture of the sky, and she hoped it was right. This song asks all the questions we would probably ask if we had the chance. What would you compare heaven to?

"Don't Take My Heaven" by Aaron Neville

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (2)

This song was released in 1993. The singer opens up about his lover and asks him never to take his paradise away from him. The love affair he has with her is his definition of heaven. By trying to explain all the things that would happen to him and the world around him, he expresses the meaning of her love for him.

Logically the world would go on, but in the end its heaven would be represented by the end of their love. Heaven is used in this context to describe the utter joy and peace experienced by the singer.

Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven by Kenny Chesney

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (3)

The song was released on August 11, 2008. It has a Christian context and speaks about the preacher's words to him. There is truth in every word, but the remarkable thing is that nobody wants to go to heaven now, although everyone wants to go there one day. The descriptions given are taken from popular biblical images of having a mansion and going through the gates of pearls.

In an earthly context, going to heaven means dying; Nobody wants to die now. When the preacher tells him to stay away from his nasty wives and whiskey manners, the singer's response is heartfelt. He admits he wants to hear God's voice calling his name, but admits he doesn't want to be called home right now. The song makes sense because even I would like to go to heaven, but I don't want to be called there now.

"Closed Heaven" by Willie Nelson

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (4)

This song was released in 2018. The singer is an old man with a criminal record. His life is controversial, he has even campaigned for the legalization of marijuana. Nothing about him feels heavenly, and it's no surprise that he sings such a song. The song says that Heaven is closed and Hell is overflowing, so he chooses to stay where he is while he sings.

According to popular belief, hell is for the wicked and heaven for the righteous. I don't quite understand the meaning of your words. I realize he's disqualifying himself from heaven. Although the idea of ​​Hell is considered, he doesn't choose it either because it's overcrowded. This statement implies that there are many villains, hence an overcrowded Hell. Is heaven really closed to you?

„Heaven“ von Beyoncé Knowles

This song was released on December 13, 2013. The text comes from a friend who is crying about her departure. She remembers the good times they had and all the struggles they went through just to stay together. Despite all the great explanations, she explains that heaven couldn't wait for her dead friend.

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The image of heaven that we receive in this song is quite selfish and cruel. Is the singer upset that heaven took her friend despite trying so hard to keep her alive? Maybe, maybe not. At the end of a verse he encourages them to go home, that is, to heaven.

"Letter to Heaven" by Dolly Parton

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (5)

This sad song by Dolly was released in 1963. It is the story of a girl in the company of her grandfather. His mother just died; He was so wrong that he asked his grandfather to write him a letter to heaven. He hoped to meet her there soon so they could be together. He did just that and handed her the mail for her to put in the mailbox.

As the girl was crossing the street to deliver the mail, she was hit by a car, which sped away. The letter in his hand fell to the ground and the postman picked it up to take it to heaven. Her sincere prayer was answered because the girl died and went to her mother's heaven. This song brings the reality of death as a portal to heaven. As tragic as the plot is, it misses the point.

"Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (6)

Eric Clapton wrote and released this song in 1992 after the death of his son Connor. He sings believing that Connor is in heaven. However, he worries if his son will remember him when he sees him in the sky. He shares his frustration at losing him but hopes there are no tears in heaven.

Eric also wonders if their relationship would be the same if he saw him in heaven. Unfortunately, the singer decides to move on because he believes he doesn't belong in heaven. For a moment there is hope for reconciliation, until Eric decides he is not qualified to go to heaven. Why?

"When I Arrive, Where I'm Going" by Brad Paisley

The song was released on October 10, 2005. At the beginning of the song, the singer describes the position of heaven on the other side of heaven. Brad's picture of the sky is even more absurd than most of the standard versions we've heard. It has wild descriptions of riding a raindrop and being greeted by a lion and playing with its mane.

The song makes you imagine heaven as the final resting place where all the burdens and failures of earth cannot touch you. Brad also mentions his grandfather, who he believes is in heaven. She can't wait to meet up with him to share her earthly experiences since he left. We get a hopeful picture of heaven where we are permanently reconciled with loved ones who have passed away. Finally, eternity is dominant when speaking of heaven because everything is as eternal as the Creator.

When We All Go to Heaven by Alan Jackson

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (7)

This song was released in 2006. Brad Paisley covered it in 2007. It is a Christian song that inspires enthusiasm with the idea of ​​going to heaven. Since heaven is the home of Jesus, the Christian Messiah, the Christian song expresses the feeling of being reunited with him. The song describes the day of reunion in heaven as a day of joy.

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Another song reiterates the ideology of homes for all in heaven; It is taken from the biblical scriptures. Believers are reminded of all the good that awaits them when they get to heaven. Based on the experience described in the song, it seems that the most exciting moment will be going to heaven. The song also suggests that all believers will go to heaven at once, likely during the Bible's rapture.

"Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" by Tavares

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (8)

This sensual love song is from a man to his woman; was released in May 1976. The man thinks that heaven must be missing an angel because he thinks his wife is one. He marvels at everything about her and is convinced that she came straight from heaven. The common thought behind this song is that the best only comes from heaven. To describe his obsession with woman, this man infers that she came from heaven.

The man in the script is overwhelmed by the emotions of his relationship with the woman. He explains by saying that his spell is capturing him. Heaven is associated with both supernatural things and spiritual events. The music man uses the sky and its characteristics to express the magnitude of his relationship experience.

"Holes in the Earth from Heaven" by Steve Wariner

This song is the inspirational story of a man who lost his grandmother on the eve of his eighth birthday. He later loses his wife at a young age and stays with his daughter. The man raises his daughter until the age of 23, and she marries. As they walk down the hall and the daughter realizes her father is sad, she leaves.

He assures them that his late wife is watching them, peering through holes in the heavenly floor. Isn't the story sad? It carries a childlike perspective of the sky. Unlike the perfect images we get of the sky in other songs, this one represents the imperfection of the sky to its advantage. I wouldn't imagine heaven with holes in the ground; there is simply no error in it. However, this song makes you feel comfortable with the idea of ​​holes in the ground, especially if you have lost a loved one.

"I can only imagine" by MercyMe

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (9)

It is a gospel song inspired by Christian belief in Jesus and heaven. The singer admits that the experience of walking beside Jesus is only imaginable because nothing else compares. The song was released in 1999. It holds great hope for believers and ecstatic moods in the process of introduction.

The singer can't quite understand how he's going to behave while enjoying the heavenly experience with the man he believes so deeply in. She wonders if she will dance for him, scream for joy, or kneel before him and worship him. The song makes believers even more eager to go to heaven and see it first hand. I imagine.

"Knocking on Heaven's Door" von Bob Dylan

Although the most popular version was made by the band Guns n' Roses, Bob Dylan sang this song. Bob first sang it live in 1987 before the band recorded it in 1990. Knocking on the door of heaven means leaving the body through death. The lyrics are a police officer's words to his mother who is lying on the ground near death.

He's badly injured on a mission and he's sure he won't make it. She asks her mother, who happens to be present, to take off the badge, since she won't be needing it anymore. It means it dies and can no longer function. He speaks of dark clouds enveloping him and finding it difficult to see why life is pouring out of him. The song describes the experience of death as knocking on heaven's door. Can you get to heaven without dying?

"Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin

15+ Best Songs About Heaven And The Afterlife In 2022 - Gemtracks Beats (10)

This song was released on November 8, 1971. The singer tells about a worldly woman who chooses the deadly path for material things and misses the right path to justice. According to Christianity, the broad way leads to perdition while the narrow way leads to heaven.


She continues on the material path and hopes to be able to buy her way to heaven in the long term. Eventually he reaches a point and realizes that changing the course he has chosen is impossible and that he has missed Heaven. The song is a lesson about the things of heaven that challenge participation in the pursuit of wealth; You either take the hard road to heaven or the easy road to materialism. In short, the song is an expression of the justice requirements to qualify for heaven.


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